5 Ways Of Getting The Best Of Your Time In Spain

ladies walking in spainThere must have been an instance when you have read in the newspapers that a tourist was mugged and in the process, he or she lost all the valuables in his or her possession. If your holiday time is here in Spain and you want to visit the famous land of the Catalan giants, you need not worry, just read below and you will find simple things that will make your visit safe and secure.

1. Avoid conmen

Conmen are always prowling for the ignorant tourist. The time to be most vigilant is when anyone approaches you while on the street and asks for simple things like directions, change and any stranger asking to help carry your luggage. Being wary of these will prevent you from losing your luggage and small valuables, which are a favourite to the conmen. When it comes to that point where you need help with luggage, it is safer to get a taxi as you can follow up with the taxi company in case of anything.

2. Do not ‘advertise’ that you are a tourist

You most likely have heard of the saying, ‘When you go to Rome, do as the Romans do’ and this is a great piece of advice to follow when in Spain or any other tourist destination. We do some things while on a strange land that tells everyone that we are not native and the most common tell-tale is our way of dressing. If you walk in the streets wearing a t-shirt that proudly declares ‘University of Buckingham’, then you tell all and sundry that you are new and makes you a potential target.

3. Maps

Sometimes, the travel appliances we have on our hands are the giveaway signs. For example, rather than travel with a map which will tell potential thieves that you are new, enter a coffee shop, look at the map keenly and memorize the directions to the place you want to go. If very complex, which can be when you are in a new land, note the directions in a paper or notebook and as you refer to them, no one will know that you have just used common sense not to offer yourself as a target to be robbed.

4. Volume of speech

You may wonder how this will give you away but read on. Pickpockets know the difference between a Spaniard and a tourist based on the volume of their speech. This is because when one has been born and raised in Spain, then the natural language they speak is Spanish.

You on the other hand probably know very little local lingua. When you converse loudly in English, all people around you know you are not one of them and you suddenly become a target. Even when you need to ask for directions, keep your voice as natural as possible and you will have no one following you, hoping to get what your pocket is hiding.

5. Renting a villa

Most tourists make arrangements of where to stay before they arrive but sometimes you may opt to do a physical booking. Villas are plenty in Spain and in addition to getting good service, the below are two things you can do to make sure that you are safe and secure.

  • Pay in cash – Cash is a widely accepted payment mode and it is better as no one will get to know your credit card details and run a scam on you. When cash is not readily available, then you can use traveller’s cheques, as they are also safe.
  • Inspect the rooms – This is important when the villa is in the countryside or in a remote place. Check to see that the windows and doors are well reinforced to deny access to anyone from the outside. While doing this inspection, check the fencing system as well as a very secure one will give you peace of mind.

This article would not be complete without telling you the best way to convert your currency. Banks in Spain deal with majority of the world currencies and they are the safest place to do the exchange. However, the exchange rate used in banks is almost the same as that of the ATM machines. What makes the ATM a better choice is that most Spanish banks close at about 3pm while ATMs are operational for 24 hours. All you need to do is use an ATM that is located at a secure place, as next to a bank building and you will avoid the hustle of standing in a bank queue for half an hour of time that would be spent visiting interesting places.

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